About us

Ultimo aggiornamento: June 9, 2023

At Filester, we strive to provide the best software from the internet for our users. We understand that downloading software can be a frustrating experience due to advertisements and potentially harmful viruses, spyware, and malware. That's why we review every software with our expertise, answer all your concerns and questions, offer screenshots of its interfaces, and provide up-to-date versions through safe download links.


When choosing which applications to showcase on our platform, we believe in quality over quantity. You won't find any sub-standard or low-quality applications here! Our team takes pride in updating our site regularly with newer versions for our users' benefit. The old versions are also available for download anytime for convenience. Thank you for trusting us at Filester!



Our website offers an alternative way for users to download software and applications. If you're a software author looking to submit your application, please reach out through our contact page. Similarly, if you need us to remove any of your already-listed software, provide us with ownership information via the contact form, and we'll take care of it promptly. Thanks for considering us as a platform for your software needs.